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Welcome to the Gov't Mule Cover Art homepage. I will be adding new covers from time to time so check back often.Click the link to display the cover. If you have any suggestions for covers you would like to see or would like to submit one of your own, send e mail to:

New Mule covers added 12-13-01 Enjoy!!

To make use of the covers here @ Mule Cover Art we suggest using CDEdit.

Covers created using Paint Shop Pro.

Woody Mule Caricature by Jennifer Street

Matt Mule Caricature by Jennifer Street

Warren Mule Caricature by Jennifer Street

Where's Your Mule ? by Jennifer Street

Freaky Dose (generic)

Head Hunter

InvertedMule (contributed by Jack Wallace)

Poison Mule

Generic Mule

Brady Mule (contributed by Dave K.)

Tie Die Mule

8-9-94 Boulder, CO

8-9-94 Boulder, CO back cover

12-6-95 Wilkes Barre,PA contributed by Gaian Perry

12-6-95 back

12-30-95 Morristown, NJ

12-30-95 back

12-31-95 New York City, NY submitted by Lenny Garifo

12-31-95 back

11-08-96 Upper Darby, PA

11-08-96 Upper Darby, PA back

12-31-96 New York, NY submitted by Gaian Perry

12-31-96 New York, NY back submitted by Gaian Perry

Warren Haynes solo 6-26-97

3-5-98 N.Y.C. Dose release party

3-5-98 back 1

3-5-98 back 2

3-5-98 back 3

4-4-98 Dallas, TX submitted by Jim Young

4-4-98 back #1

4-4-98 back #2

5-1-98 Beale St. Music Fest Memphis, TN submitted by Dan Ferguson

5-1-98 inside cover submitted by Dan Ferguson

9-18-98 (The Hendrix Tribute)

11-20-98 San Francisco(from

12-31-98 N.Y.E. (Emuler submission)

3-19-99 Phila., PA

3-19-99 Phila., PA back 1

3-19-99 Phila., PA back 2

3-19-99 Phila., PA back 3

6-22-99 Wantagh, NY

6-22-99 back

7-20-99 Taylor, MI front & back submitted by Mike

7-20-99 back

10-8-99 Columbus, OH

10-8-99 Columbus, OH front #2

10-9-99 Chicago, IL

10-24-99 House of Blues Hollywood, CA

NYE 1999-2000

3-1-00 Hartford, CT

3-1-00 Back Cover

3-2-00 Webster Theater Hartford, CT

3-2-00 back

3-7-00 Irving Plaza

3-7-00 Irving Plaza back

3-8-00 Irivng Plaza

3-9-00 The TLA Phila., PA

3-22-00 Athens, GA

4-30-00 Yokohama, Japan submitted by Billy

5-28-00 Syracuse, NY
5-28-00 back submitted by Gaian Perry

6-24-00 Knoxville, TN submitted by Joey Hawkins

6-24-00 back submitted by Joey Hawkins

8-5-00 Pico Mountain Killington, VT

8-5-00 back

8-9-00 Bottle & Cork Dewey Beach DE

8-9-00 back

8-15-00 Allentown, PA

8-15-00 Allentown, PA back (photos by Mike Kazmierczak)

8-19-00 Croton On Hudson Croton Point Park, NY(photo by Michael Kazmierczak)

8-19-00 back (photo by Michael Kazmierczak)

9-21-00 One For Woody

9-21-00 One For Woody inside cover

9-21-00 One For Woody collage

9-21-00 OFW Phil & Friends back

9-21-00 OFW Allman Brothers back

9-21-00 OFW The Black Crowes back

9-21-00 OFW Warren, Matt & Friends disc 1

9-21-00 OFW Warren, Matt & Friends disc 2

11-06-00 Warren & Matt The TLA Phila., PA

11-06-00 back

12-21-00 12th Annual X-Mas Jam

12-21-00 set notes

12-21-00 back # 1

12-21-00 back # 2

12-21-00 back # 3

12-21-00 back # 4

12-21-00 back # 5

03-29-01 Raleigh, NC

03-29-01 back

03-31-01 Nashville, TN

04-14-01 Athens, GA front & back submitted by Mike

04-14-01 back

5-6-01 Atlanta,GA (Uncle Warren's) contributed by Gaian Perry

05-06-01 back Atlanta,GA (Uncle Warren's) contributed by Gaian Perry

5-10-01 Philadelphia, PA

5-10-01 back # 1 photo by Andy Gimigliano

5-10-01 back # 2 photo by Andy Gimigliano

5-11-01 New York City, NY

5-11-01 back # 1

5-11-01 back # 2

7-3-01 Eugene, OR by Gaian Perry

7-3-01 back by G. Perry

9-7-01 Nashville, TN

9-7-01 back

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New York, NY 10014.

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