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Thanks for checking out the new layout. If you find any bugs while checking out the site please let me know about 'em. As in the past, I recommend using CDEdit to make use of the covers you find here.

I have been really pressed for time lately and find it hard to make time to work on new covers. So if you have 'em, send 'em!! They will get posted!! I also need some pix from the New School era to work with. So if you have them I could really use them.



HEADWAY GRAPHIXX has set up shop here at Check it out.

Help to reinstate Michael Sheehan as Photographer for Widespread Panic. There are more details available at the site. Sign this online petition started by Drew Hill!

I've recently been granted access to alot of KILLER images, courtesy of Micheal Sheehan over at Further Images. If you've never seen his site, it's time to remedy that. And you can still download the Live From Athens cover if you haven't already. Check it out!

Folks, this is one of the best photos of JB I've ever seen! I love it! If you want to see the rest of it (and alot of other great photos... seriously) go over to Really great stuff!

I've setup a mailing list for this site. Using this list, I'll be able to notify you all when new stuff is available on the site. Plus, you'll be able to use the list to discuss other stuff, find covers for shows not on this site, and other cover-related topics. Click HERE to sign up for it. That's it for now! See you folks on tour!

Sit 'n' Ski covers are still on the way. I've had a hard time finding photos that are "just right," but there are more on the way. If you have some good photos of The Boys sitting down, send them my way!


96-01-18 Boulder, CO
96-01-19 Boulder, CO
96-01-20 Boulder, CO
96-01-22 Breckinridge, CO
96-01-23 Breckinridge, CO
00-04-24 Orlando, FL
00-04-25 Orlando, FL
00-04-26 Orlando, FL
00-06-23 Morrison, CO
00-06-24 Morrison, CO
00-06-25 Morrison, CO
00-09-09 Lyons, CO
00-10-27 New Orleans, LA
00-10-28 New Orleans, LA
00-10-29 New Orleans, LA
00-11-24 Memphis, TN
00-11-25 Memphis, TN
00-12-30 Atlanta, GA
00-12-31 Atlanta, GA
01-04-20 Knoxville, TN
01-06-22 Morrison, CO
01-06-23 Morrison, CO
01-06-24 Morrison, CO
01-07-17 New York, NY
01-07-18 New York, NY
01-07-19 New York, NY
01-07-25 Myrtle Beach, SC
01-07-27 Pelham, AL
01-07-28 Pelham, AL
01-07-29 Pelham, AL
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